bigCONNECT provides an extensible platform to understand and work with any amounts of data, from any source and in any format. It’s an information-agnostic system where all data that flows into the system is transformed, mapped, enriched and then stored in a logical way using a semantic model of concepts, attributes and relationships. It provides an extensible, unified visual interface with tools for data discovery and analysis, collaboration, alerting and information management.

The platform and all its components are open, extensible, massively scalable and highly secure and can be used to build Big Data systems and applications that can cover most use cases and industry requirements.

It is built using open technologies and is currently being used by many customers in the intelligence, government, banking and academic sectors.

It is best-suited to help solve problems where there is no straightforward solution and no obvious “correct” answer.

Open technology

bigCONNECT is an open technology and was developed from scratch using open technologies. Why is such a thing open? To answer this question, we will use a quote from one of our core technology partners: “Open source is not just an effective way to distribute software. It’s an effective way to make the best product possible. Each download is an opportunity for the project to improve and evolve. Security gets hardened as users scrutinize the code. Reliability and resiliency become more established with rigorous testing across various architectures and environments. Its extensibility increases as users experiment with new use cases and build integrations, add-ons, plugins, and frameworks that expand the project’s reach.” (