What is BigConnect Cloud ?

Introduction to the BigConnect Cloud platform

BigConnect Cloud is a s a secure data platform that offers a broad set of enterprise data services with the key data analytics and artificial intelligence functionality that enterprises require.

Addressing real-world business problems generally requires handling structured and unstructured information and application of multiple analytic functions working together on the same data; Whether it’s getting customer offers based on behavior, processing real-time IoT data or deriving instant knowledge from video streams, images or text require the application of complex data and processing pipelines, batched or real-time data streaming, applying machine learning algorithms in the process.

BigConnect Cloud addresses this by offering an information-agnostic system where all data that flows into the system is transformed, mapped, enriched and then stored in a logical way that is easy to query and understand. It’s an extensible, unified platform equipped with tools for data discovery, analysis, collaboration, alerting and information management that allow solving an enterprise’s most pressing data and analytic challenges in a streamlined, unique fashion.

The platform and all its components are open, extensible, massively scalable and highly secure and can be used to build Big Data systems and applications that can cover most use cases and industry requirements.

It is best suited to help solve problems where there is no straightforward solution and no obvious “correct” answer.