BigGraph is a massively scalable graph store designed for holding and querying vast amounts of raw data. It can store objects and links with multi-valued properties and raw data, fast queries, aggregations, distributed data processing pipelines and super-strong security (row and property-level).
High-level features:
    Massively distributed Big Data store based on Hadoop, Accumulo, Zookeeper
    Ridiculously fast data ingestion (25k objects / sec. on average hardware)
    Dynamic data model (concepts, relations, properties, tables), multivalued properties and property metadata support
    Authorizations and visibilities for rows and columns
    Indexing for fast search: full-text, fuzzy, spatial, aggregations
    Async distributed processing pipeline for applying custom logic on import/update/delete operationg
    Full Cypher query language support
    Extensible and modular
    SQL language support using BigConnect Trino to allow rich reporting on graph objects
    Integrated with BigConnect Data Pipelines for data ingestion and manipulation
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