Data Pipelines Studio
Data Pipelines Studio is a lightweight, powerful design and execution engine that streams data in real time. Use Data Pipelines Studio to route and process data in your data streams.
To define the flow of data, you design a pipeline in Data Pipelines Studio. A pipeline consists of stages that represent the origin and destination of the pipeline, and any additional processing that you want to perform. After you design the pipeline, you click Start and the Studio goes to work.

Logging In and Creating a Pipeline in Data Pipelines Studio

After you provision a Data Pipelines Studio service, you can log in and create your first pipeline:
  1. 1.
    To access Data Pipelines Studio, enter the following URL in the address bar of your browser: NNNNNNNNN is your Tenant ID.
  2. 2.
    On the Get Started page, click Create New Pipeline.
  3. 3.
    In the New Pipeline window, enter a name for the pipeline, optionally enter a description, and click Save.
The pipeline canvas appears. The Properties panel displays pipeline properties. For a description of the icons and areas, see Data Pipelines Studio - Edit Mode.

Data Pipelines Studio UI

Data Pipelines Studio provides a web-based user interface (UI) to configure pipelines, preview data, monitor pipelines, and review snapshots of data.
The UI includes the following general areas and icons:
Pipeline canvas
Canvas for configuring, previewing, or monitoring a pipeline.
Properties panel / Preview panel / Monitor panel
When you configure a pipeline, the Properties panel displays the properties of the pipeline or selected stage. You can resize, minimize and maximize the panel.
When you preview data, the Preview panel displays the data that enters and exits the selected stage or group of stages. It can also display stage properties and preview configuration.
When you monitor a running pipeline, the Monitor panel displays real-time metrics and statistics.
Note: Some icons and options might not display. The items that display are based on the task that you are performing and roles assigned to your user account.
Home icon
Displays a home page with a list of pipelines and their statuses, allowing you to perform pipeline maintenance and navigate to individual pipelines.
Notifications icon
Displays notifications.
Administration icon
Provides access to Data Pipelines Studio configuration properties, directories, and log.
User icon
Displays the active user and the roles assigned to the user. Also allows you to log out of Data Pipelines Studio.
For information about configuring pipelines, see Data Pipelines Studio - Edit Mode.
For information about data preview options, see Data Pipelines Studio - Preview Mode.
For information about pipeline monitoring options, see Data Pipelines Studio - Monitor Mode.
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