The Cypher Lab is a graphical user interface (GUI) that helps users run and visualize Cypher queries using a web browser.
BigConnect Cypher Lab


This is where you enter queries and commands. For example, to create or retrieve data. You can get help at any time by entering :help and pressing enter (or clicking the "Run" arrow to the right of the Editor).


This is where the results of your queries appear. Each result has its own frame. Each frame appears above the previous. So this enables you to scroll down and view the results of a previous query if needed. You can clear the Stream at any time by using the command :clear.

Labels, Nodes, & Relationships

These represent the data in the system. Clicking on any of the icons at the top result in information about that option being displayed at the bottom of the Frame.


The Sidebar has various options, such as viewing the details of your database, viewing/changing Settings, viewing Documentation, and more.
Clicking on an option results in a wider sidebar sliding open, with details about that option.
For example, clicking the "Database" icon opens details about the database.

Frame Viewing Options

This enables you to view the data in different ways. Clicking on Rows for example, will display the nodes and relationships in rows.
Here's an example of data being displayed in row format.
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