Starting and stopping

Starting and stopping the platform can be done using the bundled script available in the root of your $BIGCONNECT_DIR folder.

BigConnect Lite package

The script handles system life-cycle operations like:

  • Starting/stopping the services

  • Starting the BigConnect Shell

There are no first-time tasks to do for the SQL package.

Starting BigConnect

BigConnect can be started from the command line as follows:

./ start

The start command will also start in-process services for H2 and ElasticSearch.

If BigConnect fails to start for any reason, please check the log files in the $BIGCONNECT_DIR/logs folder

Stopping BigConnect

In order to stop BigConnect from the command line, run:

./ stop

Resetting the data

To completely wipe-out the data and start fresh, please delete the datastore folder.

By removing the datastore folder will lose all you BigConnect data !